Ek skryf (gewoonlik) soos dit is…

Sheringham uncovered

Very interesting!

Treasure Hunt

This autumn the National Trust is scheduling a number of talks and event around the theme of the British landscape. Our specialists will be providing insights into how nature and culture interact in a number of different landscapes.

The full schedule can be seen here. Next up is a varied programme of events at Sheringham, in Norfolk, on 14 and 15 September.

Sheringham Park is a landscape designed in a deliberately ‘natural’ and ‘picturesque’ manner by designer Humphry Repton. In 1812 Abbot Upcher, who had recently inherited Sheringham, and his wife Charlotte commissioned Repton and his architect son John Adey Repton to improve the estate and build a new Italianate house there.

Repton senior produced one of his ‘red books’, the watercolour albums in which he showed his clients how the various views and amenities on their properties could be improved. The red books are fascinating in how…

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